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Coronavirus Tips from Reliable Sources

Published by Support on April 15, 2020 in category: Current Event

Finding reliable coronavirus tips can be tricky in this age of excessive information. In a pandemic, many people rush to share advice they hear online and through friends. Unfortunately, these insights are not always true or helpful. As a result, we wind up with a society of people who are all trying their best but making contradictory efforts.

If you’re struggling to find the right guidance for slowing the spread of coronavirus, you’re not alone. Fortunately, it is possible to find clarity if you know how to separate the myths from the facts. Fact check all updates to make sure they’re coming from a reputable source, like the Centers for Disease Control or World Health Organization. It also helps to gain a basic understanding of what coronavirus is and how it spreads.

This outbreak has grown rapidly because the virus is highly contagious. Coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets we release into the air through sneezing, coughing, yelling, and even speaking. Not only can other people inhale these droplets, but they can also land on surfaces where the virus remains viable for up to five days.

To further complicate matters, even asymptomatic carriers can spread coronavirus. And certain individuals do not show signs of infection for up to 14 days after exposure. This means you may be contagious long before you are even aware you carry the virus.

This is why it’s important to take preventative measures as outlined by the CDC. Wash your hands often and for twenty seconds at a time. Wear a cloth face mask in public, and wear both a mask and gloves when caring for a high-risk family member. Sanitize your home or business regularly.

If you could use professional guidance, call 911 Restoration of Riverdale for disinfection services. Our expert technicians follow CDC and EPA guidelines to the letter, thoroughly sanitizing your space. Their goal is to provide peace of mind through top-tier service and open communication. We deep clean offices, homes, and commercial facilities throughout Riverdale and beyond.

At a time when there are more questions than answers, we at 911 Restoration hope to be a resource for our neighbors. For sanitization, disinfection, and peace of mind, call us today.

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