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911 Restoration of Riverdale

Water Damage in Riverdale

Floods, winter storms, and wear-and-tear are just a few of the ways water gets inside your Riverdale property. Water damages the structural integrity of your building, and creates unsafe conditions inside your home or business. 

When you need a water removal company or any kind of property restoration in Riverdale, our expert staff at 911 Restoration is available 24/7/365. We’ll have an IICRC-certified professional at your property in 45 minutes or less, so give us a call, any time.

Water Damage Restoration

911restoration-water-damage-RiverdaleWhen you have a water stain on your ceiling or a wet spot in your basement, don’t just use a towel or bucket to soak up water. Stop the problem at the source. Our team is great at finding leaks, and we’ll repair them for you. As part of water damage inspection, we’ll even test your property’s structural integrity. We also remove and repair any damaged materials.

Our professional crew disinfects your property after black water or a sewage backup, and our blowers will have it dry in no time. In the event of an emergency, we offer moving and storage to prevent damage to your furniture and belongings.

Whether your property needs protection from water damage or restoration afterwards, we do it all. We offer same-day service for all types of water damage restoration, as well as free visual inspection (for property owners only). To get started, give us a call today.

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Sanitization Services and Cleaning Solutions

The safety of your property and its inhabitants has never been more important. At home, you might worry that wiping down counters and floors isn’t enough to protect it from germs. If you own commercial property like a retail store or office space, your business depends on cleanliness. Customers and employees want to know the public space they enter is safe.

At 911 Restoration of Riverdale, we offer deep cleaning and sanitization solutions for residential and commercial properties. As a business owner, you take the health and safety of your customers seriously, and so do we. All of our workers are certified using only the highest standards and safety measures.

When you need a professional to clean and disinfect your Riverdale property, give us a call.

Mold Removal

911Restoration-mold-removal-RiverdaleHas your building recently experienced a burst pipe under your sink or an appliance flooding your basement? Without proper water cleanup, air circulation, or enough light, mold will thrive. By the time you realize there’s a problem, your home or business could be infested.

Mildew doesn’t just make your building smell bad. Certain types of fungus cause chronic health issues, including coughing, sneezing, or dizziness. It also eats away wood and drywall, threatening the wellbeing of your property.

At 911 Restoration, our certified mold remediation experts get rid of all kinds of fungus. After a thorough mold inspection, we remove and replace any affected building materials. We offer third-party testing with laboratories to put your mind at ease. After disinfection following all EPA and CDC guidelines, our fans and dehumidifiers ensure your facility stays dry and mold-free.

For a safe mold removal that lasts, give us a call today.

Sewage Backup and Cleanup

A sewer backup in your basement, toilet overflow, or burst pipe spilling sewage onto your floors isn’t just gross; it’s dangerous.

Raw sewage is hazardous to your health, so cleanup should always be done by a professional. Our trained staff does sewage removal safely. Afterwards, we disinfect and dry your property. We also do a water damage inspection to make sure dirty water didn’t get under your floors to cause problems down the line.

If your toilet overflows, you probably have a larger blockage inside your pipes. At 911 Restoration, we repair your plumbing system as well. Our knowledgeable crew doesn’t just take care of your sewage backup cleanup; we make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

To keep you and your property safe after hazardous waste enters it, give us a call.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

911Restoration-fire-damage-RiverdaleAt 911 Restoration of Riverdale, we hope your property never encounters a fire, but when it does, we’re here to help. 

When your furnace spews dirty, sticky soot inside your building, we offer puffback cleanup. If your home or business survived a fire, we provide full-service restoration. That includes pack-out and storage of your belongings, as well as ash and soot removal from furniture and surfaces. 

If parts of your facility are drenched by a fire hose or sprinkler system after a fire, we’ll do water damage restoration as well. If your property sustained significant damage, we offer rebuilding solutions.  

Smoke damage lingers inside buildings even after the flames are extinguished. For a complete smoke and odor removal, call us today.

Disaster Restoration

No matter where you live, your building faces potential damage from weather-related disasters. Fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes are a nightmare for any property owner. In the event of an emergency, your priority is always safety for you and your loved ones. You might not have enough time or warning to prepare your home or business for the worst.

911 Restoration of Riverdale is here for you, before or after a disaster. If you’re worried about a hurricane flooding your business, we’ll board it up, as well as store your items to keep them safe. When a tornado rips through your home, we rebuild it. If a wildfire affects your home, we provide fire cleanup and soot removal. No matter what the emergency, you can count on our disaster restoration team. Call us, and we’ll be at your property within 45 minutes or less. 

Commercial Restoration

As local business owners, we understand how important your commercial property is. It’s more than just a business. It’s your livelihood. No matter what kind of building you own, repairs can be daunting. You need a commercial restoration team you can trust.

Managing a business is challenging enough. When your commercial property is damaged, you shouldn’t have to worry about insurance paperwork as well. Our friendly staff at 911 Restoration is committed to putting customers first. We offer free insurance consultations, and we’ll even handle the paperwork for you.

At 911 Restoration, we have over 30 years of experience. All our branches are locally owned and operated, so our Riverdale team services property owners in Inwood, Woodland Heights, Yonkers, and the surrounding areas with the care and attention they deserve. 

When you need property restoration that puts you first, call one of our agents today.

Client Testimonial

Sherry M.

“I would give them 6 stars if I could. I had to deal with a flood in my business, an absolute nightmare for every business owner. 911 Restoration came right away, and they are so professional and efficient. Even after everything was done they followed up and made sure everything was back to normal. A+ customer service. Thank you!”

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