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Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Riverdale

Technician Extracting Floodwater From A BuildingThis year has already been one filled with rainstorms, flash flooding, storm surge, snow, and powerful winds, causing owners of commercial properties in Riverdale to take extra care to prep their buildings against water damage.

When storms cause rain and wind of this magnitude, flooding and power outages are imminent. This type of disaster can be devastating to commercial property owners, but with our assistance, we can help you make a full recovery.

If your commercial real estate is the source of your main income, these issues can have a great impact on your life, especially if you are forced to shut down your business in order to make repairs. 

911 Restoration Riverdale understands the urgency of the situation when your building is flooded, which is why we offer benefits that will help your commercial property recover quickly. These include:

    • Same day water extraction services
    • Around the clock availability
    • Guaranteed 45 minute arrival time
    • Free visual property inspections
    • Free Estimates
    • Constant customer service
    • Assistance with filing your insurance claim

We hope that by providing you with these services we can give you peace of mind during this chaotic time. Our commercial property damage experts in Riverdale know that they are the best in their field, and they are looking forward to proving that to you.

A Building Flood Requires Immediate Action

Flood Damage Restoration Work Being Conducted In An Office BuildingNew York is no stranger to the devastating effects that a flood can have on the infrastructure of a city such as Riverdale. When a hurricane hits, the flooding can be monumental, with many commercial properties being left in the wake of a disaster.

Once the storm has settled and the extent of the damage has been surveyed, the floodwater needs to be extracted as soon as possible. Stagnant water can cause significant structural damage, as well as spark a mold infestation.

The best way to limit the damages is to hire professionals to come to repair the water damage as soon as it is safe to re-enter the building. We can then survey the area and create the best restoration plan for you to get things back in order.

911 Restoration Riverdale is so adamant on providing immediate help that we will brave any storm to come out to your commercial property to provide a free inspection. So, give us a call the moment water begins invading your building.

Understanding Flood Insurance For Your Commercial Property

Commercial Property DamageWhen living in an area prone to heavy rainfall and flooding such as Riverdale, you may want to explore your options when it comes to your insurance policy.

Standard insurance policies have restrictions when it comes to covering flood damage, which is why you should consider purchasing flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

The NFIP is provided on behalf of the federal government and covers damages from incidents like storm surges, flash flooding, mudslides, and snow. However, if you feel more comfortable using a private insurance provider there are those options as well.

FEMA is a great option for commercial flood insurance, but you must be aware that they require a 30 day waiting period before it kicks in, so the sooner you purchase it the better.

Commercial flood insurance covers water damage that has affected the property and the contents inside for up to $500,000. However, you can always opt for more coverage up to $1 million, depending on the value of your commercial real estate.

Call our commercial property damage specialists in Riverdale when your building has been infiltrated by floodwaters and we will begin the extraction process the very same day we arrive.

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